Title: "Spin Tale Revealed"
Author: Kuenz, Don
Location: Casper Wyoming
Start: Wyoming Boulvard
Finish: Hogadon Ski Area
Length: Approximately five miles	
Keywords: bicycle, casper, hogadon, mountain, sf, spin

Spin Tale Revealed

The Road to Hogadon

So, what in the world's a spin tale?

During warm weather, or when the sun shines on a windless day in Spring and Fall, it's fun to spin my bicycle to the top of Casper Mountain and read a chapter from a fictional book, typically Perry Rhodan. At the summit my endorphins kick in while a chapter read from the typically science fiction story transports me back to the teenage frame of mind, which some wags refer to as the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

The thumbnail at the upper right illustrates the switch backs and hair pins of the middle segment of the spin. However before the middle segment comes the ascent to the Garden Creek cutoff.

An audiobook plays ever so softly through my earbuds. The time lapse movie shown below provides a vicarious bicycle ascent to the cutoff.


© 2020 Don Kuenz