Title: "Im Banne des Hypno"
Author: Dalton, Clark
Published: Germany: Moewig, 1962-03-09
Length: 68 pages
ISBN/Catalog ID: PR1DE0027	
Keywords: esp, hypnotist, montery, mutant, rhodan, toufry
Review by: Don Kuenz

A Perry Rhodan Spin Tale on the Double

German publisher Moewig released its first Perry Rhodan pulp magazine on March 26, 1961. Having sold more than two billion copies as of 2019, it is the most successful science fiction ever written.

Eight years after Moewig's debut, American publisher Ace Books published its first English translation in 1969. Controversy surrounds Perry Rhodan in the Anglospere. So much so, that financially ailing Ace Books ceased publication in 1979, even though the translations remained profitable at that time.

My review appears after the synopsis, which contains excerpts from both publishers. After my review you'll find links to other websites of interest.


Im Banne des Hypno The Thrall of Hypno
Er wußte nicht, was er tat ... Ein Mensch als ultimate Vernichtungswaffe. He didn't know what he was doing ... A human being as an ultimate weapon of destruction.
Die Hauptpersonen des Romans: THOSE INVOLVED IN THIS ADVENTURE
Perry Rhodan – Der Herr der Dritten Macht.
Reginald Bull – Perry Rhodans Freund und Vertrauter.
Major Deringhouse – Er verliert sein eigenes Ich.
Clifford Monterny – Er nennt sich „Overhead“.
Iwan Iwanowitsch Goratschin – Die letzte und gefährlichste Waffe des Overhead.
Betty Toufry – Die stärkste Telepathin der Dritten Macht.
Gucky – Ein wichtiges Mitglied des Mutantenkorps.
Leutnant Bings und Sergeant Adolf – Zwei Raumfahrer mit einem seltsamen Hobby.
Perry Rhodan–Born on Earth, destined for the Stars
Reginald Bell–Rhodan's rusty-headed, trusty friend
Maj. Conrad Deringhouse–daring astronaut dedicated to Perry's plans
Clifford Monterny–supermutant dedicated to the downfall of Rhodan's dreams
Ivan Ivanovick Goratschin–the Mutant Master's ultimate weapon
Betty Toufry–small fry (age 12) who is nevertheless the most efficient esper of the New Power
Pucky–mischievous mouse-beaver with mutant powers
Lt. Bing & Sgt. Adolf–two spacemen sharing a xenolepidopteran hobby
Capt. Berner; Lts. Carell, Yomo & Hill; Sgts. Raab & Rouse; and Cadet Fowler–men of Perry Rhodan's command
Wallers & Raggs–men under the Svengali spell of the Mutant Master

Although Gray Morrow's Americanized, sexed up cover on the right is more provocative, it bears little resemblance to the story itself. Ace covers are typically a montage, a collage of catchy contemporary, unrelated pop cultural images.

Kent G Hare "absentminded" Professor of Early European History at NLU who hosts the Perry Rhodan Reading Project is an excellent sleuth in regards to the plausible comic book or otherwise origins of Ace cover art. Unfortunately Herr Professor's Project ends at the issue immediately before this one. So, you're on your own to discern the sources of pop art juxtaposed on the Ace cover.

I. A Weapon Neutralized

Johnny Bruck's original Moewig cover appears on the left. As expected, it depicts actual story elements. The foreground shows twelve year old girl genius Betty Toufry. She's the most potent of telepaths and also telekinetic. Betty displays intuition about future events. Rhodan believes Toufry's a girl ahead of her time who represents humanity's ultimate destiny.

Toufry's also kind, which leads us to the double headed mutant in the background who's seen stepping out of a spaceship hatch. His names are Ivan and Ivanovick (son of Ivan). Although Ivan's head saw the light of day mere seconds before Ivanovick's it's enough for Ivan to seize senority.

Ivan and Ivanovick possess terrible war powers. Although human, they fall far outside the norm. Only Toufer's touching kindness can sway them from the nihilism inculcated by their former Mutant Master.

The identity of last person shown on Moewig's cover is an enigma. Most likely it's either the French telepath André Noir or Perry Rhodan. Noir assists Toufry in her struggles to free Ivan and Ivanovick from Monterny's thrall.

II. The Hunt for the Mutant Master

After Monterny's weapon is neutralized, Reginald Bull, known as Bell in the Ace, takes command of a squad of space-interceptors assigned to locate and destroy the Mutant Master. A former Monterny ally turned foe joins Bull in his quest. Telepathic Tatjana Michalowna is one of the few mutants immune to the Mutant Master's hypnotic thrall.

Gucky, whom the Ace christens Pucky, is the mouse beaver shown in the thumbnail at the top-right of this page. Gucky hails from the planet Tramp and possesses unparalleled telepathy, teleportation, and, telekinesis skills. He joins Bull and Tatjana on their quest.

Bull becomes so frustrated with the chase that he breaks out cussing in Tatjana's presence. Whereupon the two cross swords. Bully's rationalization as well as Tatjana's reaction to it is funny in any language.

Der Fluch, den Bully nach einiger Zeit des ergebnislosen Suchens von sich gab, war seiner nicht würdig. Tatjana fand das auch. Sie bediente die Funkgeräte und damit auch den Bildabtaster. Die kleine Tür zum Funkraum war offen, so dass dieser und die Zentrale miteinander verbunden waren.

The swearing Bell indulged in after a long fruitless search was too much for Tatjana. She operated the electronic instruments and the optical sensor. The door of the little radio room was open to the central control compartment.

„Sie sollten sich schämen, Mister Bully, solche Worte in den Mund zu nehmen. Genügt es nicht, sie zu denken?“

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Bell, using such language! Isn't it enough if you just think it?"

„Das wäre völlige Kraftverschwendung“, dozierte Bully und ließ den frontalen Bildschirm nicht aus den Augen. „Wenn ich fluche, so nur zu dem Zweck, mich abzureagieren. Das aber kann nur dann geschehen, wenn ich den Fluch auch akustisch vernehme. Ich muss ihn also laut sprechen, um diese beruhigende Wirkung zu erzielen. Was nun Ihre empfindlichen Ohren angeht, so wäre es meinerseits ein vollkommen sinnloses Opfer, wenn ich den Fluch nur denken, nicht aber sprechen würde; aus dem ganz einfachen Grund, weil Sie Telepathin sind. Sie würden also ohnehin wissen, was ich geflucht habe.“

"That'd be a total waste of effort," Bell lectured her without taking his eyes off the frontal observation screen. "If I swear it's for the sole purpose of relieving tensions and it works only when I speak. I've got to express it out loud if it's going to do me any good. As far as your tender ears are concerned, it would have been a useless sacrifice on my part to restrict myself to thinking without speaking for the simple reason that you're a telepath. You'd know all about my swearing, anyhow."

Tatjana hatte fassungslos den Vortrag angehört und schüttelte nun den Kopf.

„Besten Dank für die Mühe, mir Ihr Verhalten auf so logische Art zu erläutern. Da ich Telepathin bin, wusste ich ohnehin, was Sie zu sagen gedachten ...“

Tatjana, who had listened incredulously to his lecture, shook her head. "Thank you very much for taking the trouble to explain your behaviour in such a logical manner. Since I'm a telepath I already knew what you intended to say."

My favorite part of this story occurs near the end, when monstrous mutant master Monterny seeks refuge on a asteroid planetoid.

Der Planetoid hatte keinen Namen, und seine Bahn war noch von keinem Menschen berechnet worden. Sein Durchmesser betrug knapp achtzig Kilometer, und seine Form war fast viereckig. Er besaß eine merkwürdig hastige Eigenrotation und drehte sich in weniger als einer Stunde einmal um seine Achse. Seine Oberfläche war ein Gewirr schroffer Gebirge und tiefer Schluchten, die in ständiger Finsternis lagen. Die höheren Felsen hingegen wurden in regelmäßigen Zeitabständen von der fernen Sonne angeleuchtet.

The planetoid had no name and its orbit had not yet been described by man. It measured about fifty miles across and its shape resembled a cube. It displayed a remarkably rapid rotation and turned about its axis in less than an hour. The surface consisted of an agglomeration of precipitous cliffs and deep gorges which were continually shrouded in darkness. The higher peaks were illuminated at regular intervals by the far away Sun.

Weil aber immer wieder andere Bergspitzen in den Bereich der Sonnenstrahlen gerieten, und das im Verlauf von Minuten, sah es aus großer Entfernung so aus, als blitze auf dem Asteroiden ständig ein Leuchtfeuer auf.

Due to the fact that new peaks were constantly coming into the range of sunlight and that the sight kept changing by the minute, it looked from a great distance like the perpetual flashing of a beacon.

Diesem Umstand war einiges zu verdanken.

This special circumstance was responsible for the turn of events.

Zuerst einmal fiel dem Overhead das Blinken auf, und seine Wachsamkeit erhöhte sich. Erst als er den Asteroiden vergrößert im Bildschirm hatte, fand er eine Erklärung für das Phänomen. Gleichzeitig entschloss er sich, diesen Planetoiden als vorläufiges Versteck zu

First of all the blinking light attracted the attention of the Supermutant and increased his vigilance. Only after he magnified the picture of the asteroid on the observation screen did he find the explanation for the phenomenon. At the same time he decided to choose this planetoid as his temporary

refuge. It would have defied explanation why he picked this one in particular.

He adjusted the speed of his interceptor to the velocity of the asteroid and began to circle around it… He saw with satisfaction that there were many good places to land. Even if one of Rhodan’s ships were to fly over the asteroid it would be far from certain that he could be detected. And in case it really happened he still was equipped with excellent defensive armament and protected by the energy shield around the ship.

He quickly found a wide gorge with overhanging precipices.

The Supermutant was an outstanding pilot. He set the ship down in a smooth landing and waited calmly till the vibration of the hull was damped out. Then he ordered his two men to remain at their posts and to fire with their impulse-beamers at any ship that might show up. After that he went into the airlock,

streifte den Raumanzug über und verließ das Schiff.

Ohne es zu wissen, erlebte er das, was sich Bully immer als besondere Attraktion vorstellte: wie ein Fisch im Wasser konnte er durch das fast schwerelose Vakuum schweben, frei und ungebunden. Der Overhead begann zu ahnen, dass es außer Reichtum und Macht noch andere Dinge gab, die das Leben lebenswert machten. Er stieß sich von der Schwelle der Schleuse ab und glitt, langsam absinkend, quer über das Tal dahin. Als er den felsigen Grund berührte und eine unvorsichtige Bewegung machte, stieg er wie eine vom Wind getragene Feder nach oben, fast bis an den Rand der Oberflächenfelsen. Langsam nur sank er wieder nach unten.

donned his spacesuit and left the interceptor.

Without knowing it he experienced what Bell always thought to have a special attraction: to float free and easy like a fish in water through a vacuum that was virtually without gravity. The Supermutant began to realize that there were other things besides wealth and power which made life worthwhile. He pushed off from the airlock and sailed across the valley, sinking ever so slowly. When he reached the rocky ground and made an imprudent movement, he soared aloft again like a feather in the wind almost up to the ledges at the top, to descend in tranquillity to the bottom.

Er vergaß seine Lage und wurde von einem regelrechten Rausch befallen. Mit einem gewaltigen Satz stieß er sich erneut ab und schoss wie eine Rakete hoch in den sternenübersäten Raum hinaus. Er machte natürlich die Rotationsbewegung des Asteroiden mit und blieb somit fast über der gleichen Stelle stehen, aber er stieg immer noch, wenn auch langsamer. Bald musste er den Punkt erreichen, wo seine Geschwindigkeit nicht mehr ausreichte, der geringen Gravitation zu entkommen. Sie würde ihn erneut in die Tiefe zerren, wenn auch im Zeitlupentempo.

He forgot all about his precarious situation and felt deeply intoxicated. With a mighty leap he jumped up again and shot like a rocket into the star-studded sky. Naturally he followed the rotation of the asteroid and thus almost remained over the same spot while flying higher and higher, though loosing some of his speed.

Eventually he would reach the point where his levitation became insufficient to overcome the minute gravity that exerted its pull to bring him down in slow motion tempo.

Er entsann sich seiner eigentlichen Aufgabe. Nach unten blickend, konnte er sein Schiff nicht entdecken. Die vorspringenden Felsen verdeckten es. Es konnte keine bessere Tarnung geben.

At the apex he remembered the initial purpose of his excursion. He looked down but was unable to detect his ship. it was perfectly concealed by the cliffs jutting far out and no further camouflage was needed.

Geduldig wartete Monterny, bis er wieder abzusinken begann. Er verspürte ein nie gekanntes Gefühl der Überlegenheit und der echten Freiheit. Zwar ließ sich seine Fallrichtung nicht beeinflussen, solange er den Handstrahler nicht betätigte, aber welche Rolle spielte das schon? Hier gab es Platz genug, und er hatte eine ganze Welt für sich.

He waited serenely till he began to float down again. He was seized by a heretofore unknown majestic feeling of true freedom. He was unable to control the direction of his fall without using his hand raygun but this made little difference to him. There was plenty of space. He had a whole world to himself.

Er erkannte die Ironie des Schicksals und fand sich mit ihr ab. Eine Welt hatte er besitzen wollen – nun hatte er seine Welt. Sie war kleiner als die Erde und trug kein Leben, aber es war eine Welt, die ihm niemand streitig machen würde. Sie gehörte ihm allein.

He consoled himself with the irony of fate. He always wanted to own the world—and finally a world was his. It was smaller than Earth and no life existed on it but it was a world that belonged to him and nobody would dispute it.


It's always a relief for me as a reader to see the denouement of a story arc that spans several issues. Throughout the arc, tensions escalate and serve as a "hook" to maintain reader attention. After a while, readers become mentally fatigued and need resolution to take a break from the story.

The settings of Monterny's lairs in sparsely populated, rugged settings appeal to me. It's easy for my mind's eye to picture an underground fortress at the foot of Emmons Peak, sixty miles to the east of the great Salt Lake or a base on Mars. Monterny's final destination works so well for me that it's excerpted above in my Synopsis.

Most of the character development takes place within Ivan and Ivanovich. There's also a tiny smidgen in mutant master Monterny, but, alas, his development comes far too late.

This is a better than average story to me. If you like Space Opera and find entertainment in the excerpts, you may also enjoy the story told in its entirety and think it better than average too.