Title: Duell der Mutanten 
Author: Darlton, Clark
First Published: Germany: Moewig, 1962-03-02
Length: 64 pages
Keywords: destroyer, gravneutralizer, k5, monterny, psychray, tatjana, utah 
Review by: Don Kuenz

A Perry Rhodan Spin Tale on the Double


Space Academy cadet Julian Tifflor nearly buys the farm on Mars with his checkout flight in a three seat Z-82 trainer. Capt. Hawk approves while Cadet Eberhardt feels queasy. One of the Z-82s stolen earlier attacks the trainer on its return to Earth. The bandit pilot wills himself to die before interrogation.

At Terrania's East border station foreboding fills Sergeant Harras when he jumps into the platoon's pool, by the bar. He surfaces from deep down with a headache to hear Lieutenant Becker bark battle orders out. Becker commands his platoon to attack Terrania's space ship docks. Eventually Perry Rhodan intervenes in the skirmish with a hypo-beam. After it fails anti-gravity warfare ensues.

Mutant "spotter" Fellmer Lloyd encounters evil emanations as he boards a Berlin bound plane in Moscow. After the plane lands twenty-something Tatjana Michalowna deplanes and leaves her carry-on bag aboard. Lloyd confirms his suspicions then tails telepath Tatjana to corner her with the big brown bag's bomb buried beneath the flap.

For the second time Third Power financial genius Homer G. Adams succumbs to a sinister influence, forced to make dumb deals on behalf of the General Cosmic Company. Powerful telepathic, telekineticist Betty Toufry steps in at the last possible moment to ward off financial catastrophe.

All of these events presage the duel of mutant corps.

Titles, teasers, covers, characters, & blurbs

Besides the story itself, this is a tale of two publishers: Moewig and Ace. German publisher Moewig released its first Perry Rhodan pulp magazine on March 26, 1961. Having sold more than two billion copies as of 2019, it is the most successful science fiction ever written. Eight years after Moewig’s debut, American publisher Ace Books released its first English translation in 1969. Ace Books ceased publication in 1979, even though the translations remained profitable at the time.

Wendayne and Forrest J Ackerman respectively acted as translator and editor for Ace. Although at first Forrest mostly copied Moewig’s cover and content verbatim, along the way he made the Ace translations his own with unique covers, additional content, and out of order story telling. The left column below contains original content while the right holds Ackerman’s derivative work.

Duell der Mutanten Mutants vs. Mutants

Der Overhead lässt die Maske fallen – er will die Weltmacht ... The mutant master drops the mask – he wants world power ...

Die ersten Angriffe des Overhead sind abgeschlagen, die Dritte Macht hat sich als festgefügt erwiesen.

Aber noch besitzt der unheimliche Gegner seine Zentrale, aus der er immer wieder neue Angriffe gegen die Dritte Macht oder auch andere Staaten vortragen kann. Diese geheime Zentrale zu finden und dem Overhead die Waffen aus der Hand zu schlagen, sind Perry Rhodans vordringlichste Aufgaben, wenn er ein Chaos verhindern will.

Perry Rhodan schickt seine Mutanten aus, und sie treffen auf gleichwertige Gegner. Das DUELL DER MUTANTEN entbrennt!

When Supermen Clash

The Mutant Master Monterny has been defeated–for the time being. But as long as he lives there is the potential for sudden danger.

If the New Power is to survive and Chaos is not to grip civilization instead, the secret center of the mad genius must be discovered and destroyed. To this end Perry Rhodan's Mutant Corps accepts its greatest challenge and the Duel of the Mutants begins, a duel that introduces–

The beautiful telepath, Tatjana. Involves Pucky the mischievous mouse-beaver. And soars with the reader into space.

It all takes place in–




Die Hauptpersonen des Romans: THE ACTION & ADVENTURE HAPPENS WITH
Perry Rhodan – Der Herr der Dritten Macht.
Reginald Bull – Der Sicherheitsminister der Dritten Macht.
Clifford Monterny – Er nennt sich „Overhead“.
Julian Tifflor und Klaus Eberhardt – Zwei Kadetten der Weltraumakademie.
Tatjana Michalowna – Eine gefährliche junge Dame.
André Noir, John Marshall, Betty Toufry – Drei wichtige Mitglieder des Mutantenkorps der Dritten Macht.
Gucky – Ein Wesen vom Planeten Tramp.
Perry Rhodan–planetary peace-maker
Reginald Bell–Rhodan's right hand
Clifford Monterny–World Enemy Number One
Tatjana Michalowna–a dangerous young lady
Pucky–a mischievous young nonhuman from the planet Vagabond
André Noir–hypno
John Marshall, Betty Toufry, Ishy Matsu–telepaths
Wuriu Sengu–seer
Tanaka Seiko–radarite (direction finder)
Fellmer Lloyd–brain-wave reader, "spotter"
Julian Tifflor (Tiff) & Klaus Eberhardt–two cadets of the Space Academy
Capt. Hawk–pilot trainer
Homer G. Adams–financial genius with eidetic memory
Ray Gail & Pete Maros–assistants of Tiff
Lt. Becker & Sgt. Harras–in the service of the New Power
Raster Deegan–mutant in the power of Clifford Monterny, Supermutant


Unattractive, intelligent physics graduate Cliffard Monterny made a fortune in his youth. Then he discovered his extrasensory power to bend other minds to his will, regardless of spacial separation.

Monterny's now holed up at a ranch, a veritable fortress, at Emmons Peak, nearly sixty miles east of the great Salt Lake. From here he guides the actions a small force of mutants, about a dozen in all. Perry Rhodan obtains permission from Allen Mercant of the Terranian Defense Federation, to invade Monterny's fortress.

Julian Tifflor commands one of nine three seat destroyers in Rhodan's fleet, assembled eighteen miles above Monterny. He opens fire on the Good Hope V mother ship after it lands. Robots followed by soldiers stream out to engage the besieged fortress.

It eventually boils down to a battle of wills when Monterny and former fellow fifth columnist Tatjana struggle for control of Roster Deegan's mind. Tatjana and her psychobeamer pair prevail with hypno André Noir's extra oomph. Defeated Monterny escapes to the sky in the third of three destroyers previously stolen from Terrania. Tiff's ordered to pursue, but succumbs to the mutant master's mind, and turns around to attack the Good Hope V. After umpteen attacks, Pucky teleports to Tiff's ship and disables its reactor.

In the end Monterny beats a hasty retreat. While Rhodan issues an ultimatum to Mercant and the President of the Asiatic Federation.



Fellmer Lloyd corners Tatjana.

This second installment of a three story cycle about Monterny partially takes place across the western border of my home state of Wyoming. As such, it appeals to me.

Tatjana's character develops in the story as her oppositional defiance turns to righteous rage. Monterny's fate pivots around her.

The story's mutant intrigues engage me more than its space battles. Rhodan's ultimatum also falls a bit short.

Nonetheless, the story's essential for the sake of the saga.


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