Title: The Philip K. Dick Reader
Author: Dick, Philip K.
Published: New York: Citadel, 1997 (First Printing)
Length: 422 pages
ISBN: 0806518561
Keywords: replicant
Review by: Don Kuenz

Philip K. Dick

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Several short stories in this collection subsequently became the source for at least one radio adaptation, five movies, and two TV episodes.


The Philip K. Dick Reader
"More than anyone else in the field, Mr. Dick really puts you inside people's minds." - The Wall Street Journal

Synopsis, Review, and Adaptation

Fair Game

The Hanging Stranger

The Eyes Have It

The Golden Man

The Turning Wheel

The Last of the Masters

The Father-Thing

Eight year old Charles Walton immediately spots trouble when he watches his father talking to himself in their detached garage on Maple Street. After the thing, which looks identical to his father Ted, walks through the back door and sits down at the table to join his mom June for dinner, Charles knows he must fight back.

Charles enlists a couple of other children in the neighborhood to help him with his quest. Fourteen year old Tony Peretti comes armed with a b.b. gun. While nine year old Bobby Daniels brings his sleuthing skills.

The collection's cover art, shown near the top, indubitably portrays Ted Walton and his doppelganger. This fun story feels as familiar as Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's violence is minimal and it manages to magically float above otherwise grisly circumstances.

An adaptation of this story appears in Episode 7 of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. The teleplay embellishes, yet remains remarkably close to the short story. Unfortunately, it's literal inside baseball data dumps grate on me.

Story available via Internet Archive

Strange Eden

Tony and the Beetles


To Serve the Master

Exhibit Piece

The Crawlers

Sales Pitch

Shell Game

Upon the Dull Earth

Foster, You're Dead

Pay for the Printer

War Veteran

The Chromium Fence

We Can Remember It for You Wholesale

The Minority Report


Second Variety


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