Title: The Eyes of Heisenberg
Author: Herbert, Frank
Published: New York: Berkley, 1970 (Seventh Printing)
Length: 158 pages
ISBN: 42501865075
Keywords: cyborg, dna, dystopia, genetics, medical
Review by: Don Kuenz

Frank Herbert



The Eyes of Heisenberg
A New World in Embryo


Dr Thei Svengaard–a parochial genetic surgeon-pharmacist.
Nurse Washington–Dr Svengaard's admitting nurse.
Harvey and Lizbeth Durant–a couple allowed to produce a viable embryo.
Dr Vyaslav Potter–A Central genetic surgeon-pharmacist who taught Svengaard.
Max Allgood–Central's chief of Tachy-Security.
Computer nurse–Accidentally on purpose erases a tape recording of the operation.
Vat nurse–Assists with operation.
Nourse, Calapine, and Schruille–The current Optiman trio (man, woman, man) known as the Tuyere, who control from their Hall of Counsel.
Boumour and Igan–Central genetic surgeon-pharmacists who belong to the resistance. The computer nurse wills herself to die during their interrigation
Glisson–The Cyborg who recruited the Durants to the resistance.



Public Law 10927 was clear and direct. Parents were permitted to watch genetic alterations of their gametes by skilled surgeons. . .only no one ever requestion.

When Lizbeth and Harvey Durant decided to invoke the Law; when Dr. Potter did not rearrange the most unusual genetic structure of their future son, barely an embryo growing in the State's special vat–the consquences of these decisions threatened to be catastrophic.

For never before had anyone dared defy the Rulers' decrees. . .and if They found out, it was well known that the price of disobedience was the extermination of the human race. . .



Although some readers dismiss Herbert's extensive use of genetic engineering terminology as techno-babel the storied argot appeals to me.


acylate aneurin arginine arsenate adenosine triphosphate azide choline cristae cycloserine cytochrome cysteine cytoplasm D-4-aminoisoxazolidon-3 dinitrophenol folic acid hydrophilic hemoprotein inositol isopropylcarboxymenthyl isovalthine isoxazolidon-3 Krebs cycle mitochondrial morula mutagen myosin myxedema NADH nucleic acid nucleotide oligomycin pantothenic acid phosphohistidine protamine pyridoxin pyrimidine pyruvic acid riboflavin sulfhydryl trophoblast ubiquinone


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